Chillin' gator! Alligator found relaxing on gator raft in Florida pool

Only in Florida

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Sometimes even alligators need to kick back and relax in the pool.

A man on vacation in South Florida caught a gator with a gator over the weekend in the home he rented in Southwest Miami-Dade.

David Jacobs of Georgia was in town for a wedding and first noticed the alligator in the lake behind the home. He said at the time the gator was taking a keen interest in the family's small dog.

But the big surprise came Sunday when the family came home to find gator in the pool, sitting on top of an alligator raft.

Jacobs called the home's owner, who in turn called a wildlife management company to remove the gator... the real one, not the blow-up version.