After speeding complaints, radar signs added to slow down drivers

Casselberry residents say they feel safer

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – Finally, the speeding on Lake Griffin Circle and Plumosa Avenue in Casselberry has stopped.

Resident Elaine Eike said she worried every time she pulled out of her driveway.

“I can’t tell you, there’s been so many near misses," Eike said.

Although the intersection has multiple signs indicating the 25 mph speed limit, drivers ignored them all day, every day, Eike said. 

On New Year's Eve, children playing in a front yard came only feet from serious injury or death. 

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Late in the evening, an SUV speeding through the intersection lost control and crashed into Laura Quillen’s front yard, smashing her fence and mailbox. The driver took off, leaving shattered pieces of plastic fencing all over her front yard. 

Eike and Quillen said they and other neighbors have been asking the Casselberry Police Department, commissioners and the mayor for help for years.

After News 6 contacted Casselberry city leaders in January, a spokesperson said the city would provide increased patrols, temporary speed trailers and, eventually, permanent speed-control devices.

Now, six permanent solar-powered radar speed signs line the streets.

“Right from the first day they put those speed signs up, people have slowed way down and are much more conscious of how fast they’re going," Eike said.

The radar speed signs are set to flash whenever a driver is traveling at least 5 mph over the speed limit.

Eike said she now feels safer when leaving her driveway and walking her dog.

“I’m not afraid," Eike said. "I’m cautious but not afraid. Things are much better, and thank you to News 6 for helping our community out.”