One juror prevents death penalty for convicted murderer Scott Nelson

3 jurors say they never believed Nelson was mentally ill

ORLANDO, Fla. – Three of the jurors in the Scott Nelson death penalty case spoke with News 6 after the sentencing verdict was handed down.

The three woman told News 6 that they never believed Nelson was mentally ill, and instead felt he wanted attention.

The three jurors said that only one person on the jury disagreed with Nelson being put to death. 
"He didn't want to be put to death. He said those things to be shocking. He said those things, I feel, to call our bluff," said a juror.

The three jurors said that Nelson wanted to spend his life in prison, and they felt he used the witness stand as his stage, to send a message to anyone who has ever wronged him in his life.

"He loved the attention. That was his thing. Nobody was going to listen to me, I've been done wrong. I'm the victim," said the juror.

The three jurors wanted the public to know, all of them, except one juror, wanted Nelson to be sentenced to death.

"I don't want people to think like, 'Oh they didn't know what they were doing or how could they do that.' People need to understand, it has to be unanimous. One person can stop it," said a juror.

The three jurors also said that the victim, Jennifer Fulford was described as a perfect mother, wife and grandmother.

"He kept railing that no one would give him a drink of water. She probably would have given him a drink of water."

The three also said it was hard to watch Nelson smile when the sentence of life in prison was read by the judge.

Fulford's family was not in the courtroom on Thursday because it was her birthday.

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