Puerto Ricans living in Central Florida react to Puerto Rico governor controversy

Protests call for Gov. Ricardo Rossello to step down

Protesters in Puerto Rico gathered outside the governor's mansion Monday demanding his resignation. 

The protest is in response to the publication of a group chat in which Gov. Ricardo Rossello and other top government officials exchanged controversial messages.

Some of those messages contained sexist and homophobic comments.

Edwin Velazquez, a Puerto Rican living in Central Florida, believes the governor should step down and said the island needs a change.

"The situation up there is not pretty. Its ugly," Velazquez said.

The chat was published by a journalist group that released over 800 pages of controversial conversations.

For Israel Martinez, who still has family and friends in Puerto Rico, the whole situation is shameful. 

"I think that it was wrongful as a governor like him. The way he spoke, he needs education. He said a lot of ugly things," Martinez said. 

Rossello released a statement over the weekend, which reads: "I was elected by the people and I will continue the mission that was granted to me, no more than ever."

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