School district's active shooter training focuses on student reunification

Training teaches how to reunite parents, students after emergency

OCOEE, Fla. – First responders and school principals in Orange County gathered for a second day of active shooter training Thursday. 

This time, they trained on how to reunite parents and students after an emergency situation like a mass shooting.

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"This is making sure that our students get back to their families safely in an orderly matter," said Scott Howat, chief communications officer for Orange County Public Schools.

Howat said students evacuated from a tragic scene would be taken to a reunification center. 

The reunification site would be predetermined based on where the emergency situation took place and parents would be immediately notified on where to pick up their children.

"We will use a reverse call out. We will send it via email, via text, and across social media at the school sites," Howat said.

Once students get to the reunification center, they will be taken to a large area, such as a gymnasium, until a parent or a legal guardian can pick them up.

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School officials said parents and legal guardians should be ready with proper identification to show school district personnel.

Crisis counselors will also be available for students and parents at the reunification center.

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