Florida boy found sleeping on New York front porch doing well, family says

3 people still missing, police say

BUFFALO, New York – A Florida 3-year-old boy, whose parents are still missing after he was found sleeping on a Buffalo, New York, front porch Monday, is healthy and doing well, his grandmother told WIVB.

Three-year-old Noelvyn was found in a box outside a woman's home on Monday morning. The boy's parents, Miguel Valentin-Colon and Nicole Merced, and their friend, Dhamyl Roman-Audiffred are all reported missing.

Noelvyn remains in the care of child protective services while his grandmother, Zenaida Colon files for custody, reports WIVB. She was able to see him for the first time on Wednesday.

"He gave hugs and kisses and we all transitioned very well,” Colon told WIVB.

Colon has a custody petition hearing on Oct. 9. She will return to her Orlando home Wednesday to prepare the home for her grandson's arrival.

Dhamyl Mirella Roman-Audiffred, Nicole Merced Plaud and Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon

Buffalo police said they are investigating whether a burned-out vehicle may be connected to the three people's disappearances. Police said the car was about one mile from where the toddler was found sleeping inside a box and wearing only a pull-up diaper. Two bodies were found inside the vehicle, but they were burned so badly, it will take time to identify them, according to police.

Noelvyn's grandfather, Jorge Oquendo, told News 6 his son and two others took a road trip to Buffalo on Sunday, and he hasn't been able to contact them since then.