Man dead in Lake County deputy-involved in shooting


LEESBURG, Fla. – The Lake County Sheriff's Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement have launched an investigation into a deputy-involved shooting that happened at a home on Myer Avenue in Leesburg.

On Sunday, deputies were called to the home in response to a domestic disturbance call. When authorities arrived, the girlfriend of a man deputies later identified as Ronald McLemore, 51, met them at the front gate.

"They had been arguing all night long, we were never called out here last night but part of the investigation was that it was over things that happened throughout the night," Sgt. Fred Jones said.  

According to deputies, McLemore was standing near the doorway with a bat in one hand and the other hand concealed. The Leesburg man was ordered to show his concealed hand but deputies allege he was not cooperative.

When the McLemore walked through the doorway toward deputies, they observed a knife in his hand and shot him.

McLemore's uncle Lewis Curry is infuriated and said deputies did not need to use deadly force.

"I know I could've got the bat, he is my nephew. The cop didn't have to shoot him," McClemore said.

Curry said his nephew suffers from mental health issues and that his girlfriend called police to help de-escalate a dispute.

"He takes medicine they give him every day, he is schizophrenic," Curry said.

McLemore was pronounced dead on the scene.

Lake County Sheriff's Office said the deputies who responded were protecting themselves.

"Under those circumstances it could be a gun, we never know," Jones said.

Records show McLemore has a checkered criminal past and deputies said in the past six months they have responded to his home in response to domestic disturbance calls.

The deputy involved is on leave pending this investigation.