WATCH LIVE: Orlando police discuss arrest of sex battery suspect

James Calixte found in West Palm Beach area

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orlando Police Department announced a major break in the search for a sex attack suspect.

James Calixte, 36, was taken into custody on Tuesday in West Palm Beach.

Investigators said that the sexual assault took place on the night of Oct. 26, along east Jefferson Street in Thornton Park. Investigators have said the victim was attempting to enter into her residence when Calixte pulled her to the side of her house.

Orlando police said that the U.S. Marshal's Office, FDLE and several other agencies took part in locating Calixte after DNA results linked him to the attack.

Cassidy Temple has lived in Thornton Park for more than 15 years. She said that she's relieved Calixte has been arrested.

"This is violent crime and this is on my block," said Temple. "I feel safer, but I think we also all learned a valuable lesson, which is that it could happen anywhere. Even in your neighborhood. So, yes I'll be running with my husband instead of by myself in the dark."

Court records show Calixte is accused of beating another woman in downtown Orlando on Sept. 3, 2019. Police said that case also appears to be a random act of violence. 

"We are all keeping an eye out. Some of us have kids, some of us walk our dogs. Some of us are elderly, so yeah, we've all been watching," said Temple.

Court records also show Calixte is accused of battering a teenage girl while she walked in a park in West Palm Beach last June.

Orlando police plan to hold a press conference about the details of the arrest at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

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