Construction fail: Power pole left in middle of turn lane

Orlando city officials don't know who should fix problem

ORLANDO, Fla. – A power line pole left in the middle of a turn lane was just one of two driving hazards just a few yards away from each other near an Orlando intersection.

There's no stop sign at the corner of Dartmouth Avenue and Pinehurst Avenue, and around the corner, a pole is in the middle of the turn lane on Pinehurst Avenue.

Shirley Noel lives in the area and said there are a lot of speeding cars on Dartmouth Avenue. She worries about the dangers both problems could cause.

"When you go through here, you can see the close calls constantly," Noel said.

Residents said the pole has been in the turn lane for about a week, and the stop sign has been down for about three weeks.

Dash camera video of the hazards prompted News 6 to push for answers.

Officials said that the Orange County government was responsible for the downed stop sign. Workers from the agency came out and fixed it Thursday afternoon.

The pole was a little more complicated than the stop sign. Orlando city officials aren't sure who's responsible for it.

"They were widening the road, and there was a pole on the side of the road at one time. Now it's right in the turning lane," Noel said.

City officials said a private contractor was working on Pinehurst Avenue and left it like that.

But video shows it's a power line pole. So is it the contractor, the utility company, or the city that's responsible?

At one point, city officials said it was a part of the I-4 Ultimate project. However, David Parks, who is the I-4 Ultimate public communications coordinator and an Florida Department of Transportation consultant, said the pole is outside of FDOT's work zone. 

In the meantime, city workers set up a barricade. Officials said that public safety is their top priority.

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