Woman high on LSD had THC-covered cereal bars in her trunk, deputies say

Report: Deputies uncovered marijuana, individually wrapped cereal bars coated in THC

Breakfast cereal bars. (Feverpitched/iStock)

WILDWOOD, Fla. – A K-9 alerted deputies to THC-covered cereal bars and marijuana inside a vehicle driven by a Louisiana woman who said she was high on LSD, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Sumter County deputies pulled over Cherie Goodwin, 24, near Wildwood on Monday at 2:18 a.m. after they said she failed to stop before pulling out of a Sunoco gas station on U.S. 301.

Goodwin was “extremely nervous” and her pupils were dilated, according to the report.

After the deputy’s K-9 alerted to possible narcotics in the car deputies conducted a search and found 13 grams of cannabis, according to the report.

When asked if there were any more narcotics in the vehicle, Goodwin said “I can show you,” and directed the deputy to the trunk where she revealed more than half a pound in individually wrapped cereal bars coated in THC oil.

Goodwin told deputies she was high on LSD.

Deputies arrested Goodwin on charges of marijuana possession and possession of a control substance.