Winter Park PD responds to ‘lack of police’ concerns amid string of burglaries

Police ask residents to do their part in preventing crime

Residents said someone broke into their home while they were sleeping.

WINTER PARK, Fla. – The Winter Park Police Department is taking to social media to address the concerns of residents who believe there is a lack of police presence in the community following a string of recent burglaries.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, police said they are currently investigating four residential burglaries on Dale Avenue, Pinetree Road, Mayfield Road and Temple Drive.

Officers said they know residents are concerned about the recent crimes and have heard from members of the community who think there is a lack of police presence in those areas, but want them to know that is not the case.

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“Although you may not always see a marked patrol vehicle driving down your street, our officers are in these neighborhoods conducting neighborhood policing, house checks, traffic enforcement and traffic control,” the Facebook post said.

Officers said they are just as concerned about the recent break-ins and understand the impact they can have on the victims, their families and neighbors. They also know that seeing an officer’s vehicle in a neighborhood may help to deter criminals and comfort those who live there.

Because of that, officers are increasing patrols in those areas, though the changes may not be obvious.

“Some of our officers patrolling your neighborhood will be driving unmarked vehicles and you may not be (recognizing) them as police officers,” the post said.

Winter Park police are also asking residents to do their part in keeping their community safe, and suggested they take the following steps to help reduce criminal activity:

“Please practice safety in locking the doors to your homes and especially your vehicles, as most automobile burglaries and thefts are committed on unlocked vehicles. Keep your home well-lit, burglars like to use the cover of darkness. Keep vegetation cleared and trimmed to provide extra visibility for patrolling officers. Know your neighbors and watch out for each other. If you think something is suspicious, please call the police.”

Police are inviting anyone who might be interested in joining the Neighborhood Advisory Council to attend a quarterly meeting. They’re also encouraging people to stay informed by becoming active members of their neighborhood watch programs.

The department’s crime mapping system, which provides information about criminal activity in specific sections of the city, can be accessed at