Markeith Loyd kicked out of courtroom after cursing at judge

Loyd to stand second murder trial in death of Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Convicted murderer Markeith Loyd was kicked out of a courtroom Thursday after he cursed at the judge.

Last month, Loyd was found guilty of murder in the 2016 death of Sade Dixon, his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The jury recommended life in prison for Loyd.

The hearing was held to discuss several matters, and while the judge was going over a complaint Loyd made about his attorney, he lashed out.

“Mr. Loyd, watch your tone and the way you speak,” the judge said.

Loyd then cursed at her.

The judge ordered Loyd to be removed from the courtroom and he was led away.

It was later announced that Loyd’s murder trial in the Clayton case is scheduled to start May 4.

Loyd could face the death penalty if convicted.

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