Woman robbed at gunpoint after showing up to music video shoot, police say

Victim says she wanted to support local artist

Tyrese Littles

DeLAND, Fla. – A woman who was trying to support a local artist by appearing in his music video was instead robbed at gunpoint when she showed up for the video shoot, according to the DeLand Police Department.

Police said the victim saw Tyrese Littles’ music video on Facebook in October or November and shared it on her music page to support him, even though the two had never met.

On Tuesday, Littles messaged the woman and said she could appear in one of his music videos in exchange for financial support, according to the report. The woman talked to a friend who said Littles is a good guy who wouldn’t rip her off, so she agreed to drive from Ocala to DeLand to meet him Wednesday afternoon for the music video.

Littles told her to bring prop money but she said she didn’t have any so she would bring actual cash instead, records show.

Police said the woman, her girlfriend and her friend arrived at the home in DeLand and a group of women parked in a vehicle in the driveway motioned them to pull forward.

As soon as they parked, Littles came to the vehicle and told the woman to come to the backyard with him then pushed her against the house, pointed a gun at her and told her that if she didn’t obey his commands, he would kill her girlfriend and friend who were in the vehicle, according to the affidavit.

A teen held a gun to her head with one hand while holding the woman’s hands behind her back and told her to empty out her belongings, which she couldn’t because he was holding her hands, records show.

Police said that teen called over another armed teen who emptied her pockets. As this was happening, the woman noticed a red dot on her chest and saw that Littles was pointing a large gun at her, the report said.

After the robbery, Littles and the teens told the woman to walk back to the vehicle calmly as if nothing happened otherwise they’d “give her a reason to scream,” according to the affidavit.

All three suspects searched the vehicle and took the items they wanted from the passengers then Littles told them not to call the police, records show.

The woman called police and they arrested Littles and the two teens on robbery charges.

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