‘A shark tried to eat me:’ 9-year-old boy recovering after bite at Florida beach

Family says they won’t be returning to water during their vacation

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A family visiting South Florida on vacation is finally heading to their hotel to relax after an extremely frightening experience for their young son, News 6 partner Local 10 News reported.

That brave little boy finally left Jackson Memorial Hospital on Tuesday.

“A shark tried to eat me at the ocean,” 9-year-old Jay Weiskopf said.

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After he and his parents arrived from Minnesota on Sunday, they hadn’t even checked into their hotel yet when they headed down to the beach for a nice swim along the sand.

“Five minutes in the water and boom,” said Kristine Weiskopf, Jay’s mother.

She said she saw the shark, which was about 4 feet long and gray, swimming away after it bit her son, who also has autism.

After realizing what had happened, Kristine Weiskopf scooped up her son and raced back to the beach.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue met the family on the sand, near 3rd Street.

“It could have been really bad,” Kristine Weiskopf said. “We’re very lucky and we’re very grateful. And you can see that this kid is strong. He’s tough and we’re just happy he’s OK.”

Jay needed about 120 stitches for the wound on his shoulder but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The next stop for the family is finally checking into their hotel and enjoying what is left of their vacation.

“Obviously, it’s a traumatic, terrible event, but we just thank God it’s over with,” said Ren Weiskopf, Jay’s father.

“I don’t want to let him go. I slept next to him the last two nights. I just want to hug him constantly,” Kristine Weiskopf said.

There are still plenty of things for the family to do during their stay in South Florida, except for one thing.

“No beach and no ocean,” Jay said.

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