‘There’s a dead snake in there:’ Florida family finds serpent snarled up in dryer

Dead reptile caused machine to malfunction

A Central Florida got an unwanted surprise when they found a large snake coiled up in their dryer.

GROVELAND, Fla. – A family is in shock after finding out that their dryer had a snake living in it, causing the machine to malfunction.

On Thursday, the Pring family said they had a bit of trouble with their dryer, which was blowing an excessive amount of lint.

Over the weekend, the family said they sought the help of Sea Star Air and Appliances to fix the dryer.

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“I was like oh - that’s what caused the motor to blow,” Alyson Pring said.

Pring said when the repairman, Darrell Cobble, came to her home he told her he first though it was a simple repair job.

“He came out said it was probably something stuck in there, the motor jammed, easy fix,” she said.

But it turned out it wasn’t that easy, that’s when Pring says things took a turn.

“He just stands up, and he walks off. He’s like, ‘There’s a dead snake in there,’” Pring said.

News 6 caught up with Cobble from Sea Star Air and Appliances and he said this was something he wasn’t expecting.

“It’s not something you normally find in there but you find them… so on the outside, they normally have a grate that kind of stops it from going up there. They didn’t have one, so it kind of found its way,” Cobble said.

This is not the first-time News 6 has talked with the Pring family. In 2015, they made headlines when Alex, then 7, received a bionic arm from Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Alex who was born with a partially developed arm.

Now, he is much older and said he also couldn’t believe seeing a snake in his dryer.

“I thought, ‘That is not a snake, that is a pile of lint,’” he said.

The Pring family said they’ll be watching out from now on and possibly put mothballs out because they can’t clog the airway for the dryer.

“Could’ve been much worse, but I’m glad it was dead, done, fixed it up and ready to go,” Pring said.

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About the Author:

Brian Didlake joined the News 6 team as a reporter in March 2021.