Video shows brave Yorkie protecting 10-year-old girl from coyote attack

Macy had surgery to treat multiple puncture wounds from attack, family says

The bravery of a tiny dog protecting its 10-year-old owner from a coyote in Toronto was caught on camera.

A Yorkshire terrier, a breed that generally weighs from five to seven pounds, took on a wild animal several times its size.

The video shows Lily Kwan screaming for help and pulling her 6-year-old rescue Yorkie, Macy, by her leash while a coyote chases them — then attacks the dog.

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The 10-year-old had recently seen warnings that a coyote was chasing kids in her neighborhood.

“I thought, am I next, what is going to happen to me?” Lily Kwan said. “I ran to the sidewalk and started screaming for help, no one heard me. I just saw this coyote trying to attack my dog, I tried to ring people’s doorbells and knock on people’s doors, this one neighbor actually let me in.”

Lily said she had to drop the leash because Macy wouldn’t follow her.

What happened next was captured on home security. Macy turned around and confronted the coyote, protecting Lily.

“She’s a super brave dog, I love her so much and I just thought this tiny dog could protect this huge human being, trying to fight off this huge coyote,” Lily Kwan said.

Macy is in ICU at the veterinarian, having surgery to treat multiple puncture wounds from the wild animal.

Lily’s mom was out but has seen the video.

“My dog would do anything for our family, so I’m actually not surprised that she did that,” Dorothy Kwan said. “I would never guess that a coyote, you know, would come out during the day and especially with someone screaming and yelling it still was not fazed, it just kept coming after her and our dog, you know, despite all the yelling, it was quite aggressive.”

Dorothy Kwan said there are coyote sightings in the neighborhood. She was told the ministry is tracking the coyotes with electronic collars, but she said she is frustrated no one will trap them, However, she feels lucky Macy survived and protected Lily.

“She’s our little hero,” Dorothy Kwan said.

But after surgery, the little hero is facing a costly vet bill. A GoFund Me campaign had been launched to help pay the bills. Canada’s free healthcare plan does not apply to pets.

There’s no word on the final vet bill, but the GoFund Me campaign has already raised $18,800.

Macy the Yorkie is expected to make a full recovery.