Need a pep talk? Elementary students begin free hotline to share words of encouragement

You’re not going to regret calling this number

Phone call (Pixabay)

It’s a school project that is sure to put a smile on your face.

West Side Elementary students in California and two of their teachers created a public hotline called “PepToc” with the goal of spreading joy during difficult times, according to WJXT.

PepToc is a hotline featuring pre-recorded words of encouragement and life advice from a small K-6 school in rural Healdsburg.

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If you are feeling down, or really need a smile or laugh, all you have to do is pick up your phone and call 707-998-8410 -- a free number on the west coast. Callers will have the option of listening in English and Spanish.

When someone calls the hotline, they will hear: “If you’re feeling mad, frustrated or nervous, press one. If you need words of encouragement and life advice, press two. If you need a pep talk from kindergarteners, press three. If you need to hear kids laughing with delight, press four.”

When you choose a number you will be flooded with advice, suggestions, love and more. Some of our favorite tips were: “If you’re nervous, go get your wallet and spend it on ice cream and shoes.” or “If you’re frustrated, you can always go to your bedroom, punch a pillow or cry on it and just go scream outside.”

These students truly have wisdom beyond their years and it will have you laughing -- and possibly crying with happiness.

PepToc was put together by teachers Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss. The school project went viral -- and Martin said they are getting 11,000 calls an hour.

If you want to listen in on the kids’ positive messages or joyful giggles, dial 707-998-8410 or 707-8PEPTOC (707-873-7862). You can also click here to donate and for more information.

Need some words of encouragement and more joy in your day? Call West Side’s “Peptoc Hotline!” We’ve been working hard...

Posted by Jessica Martin on Saturday, February 26, 2022

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