The Villages moves toward driverless vehicles

California-based Swift Navigation in town to install technology

By Troy Campbell - Reporter

THE VILLAGES, Fla. - A California-based company is in The Villages this week to install technology to be used for driverless vehicles.

Swift Navigation said that in the near future, people in The Villages will be able to sit in driverless car, using GPS technology to safety travel.

"Take my wife to work, go back home, maybe pick up the kids at school and drive them home all with a single car," said Lance Andre with Swift Navigation.

Andre spoke with News 6 on Wednesday while in town installing a GPS antenna on the roof of Village Self Storage. Andre said the device will eventually be used by Voyage Auto to deploy their driverless vehicles on the streets.

"The self-driving car is the wave of the future, so I think The Villages will be a perfect location," said Lynn Mattix with Village Self Storage.

Swift Navigation said their technology relies on GPS data, instead of using visual indicators on the vehicles.

"At a cloud level, we are down to about an eighth of an inch. As we relay that out to the autonomous cars and autonomous vehicles in the market, they will realize about a half inch accuracy out in the field," Andre said.

Resident Gian Cardillo said that driverless vehicles will help the aging community continue to be mobile, but hopes the golf cart traffic in The Villages doesn't create a problem.

"I'm worried about the possible pitfalls of driverless cars contending with not only other vehicles, but with golf carts as well," Cardillo said.

Swift Navigation also said that its GPS antennas will allow for the driverless vehicles to safety travel on roads without lane stripes, or even pavement.

Sumter County told News 6 on Wednesday that the county does not have any ordinances preventing the use of driverless vehicles.

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