Florida family fears beloved pet horse was slaughtered for meat

Authorities investigate animal’s death in Sumter County

SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. – A Central Florida family said that they are devastated after their pet horse was found dead Wednesday morning in Sumter County.

Tamara Weaver said that her 10-year-old horse Jayda was found across the street from where she is boarded. Weaver said the fence had been cut and evidence at the scene suggests that whoever is responsible was seeking the horse's meat.

"What were her last few moments like and that's just, that tears me up," said Weaver. "She had Christmas, birthdays and just very sad."

Weaver said the family got Jayda when she was less than a year old and she quickly became a member of the family.

"She was very friendly. So, I don't think she was scared of anybody. She was very social," said Weaver.

A couple of weeks ago, News 6 spoke with a family in Marion County after their horse was found dead. The family believes their horse was slaughtered for its meat. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has not said if they think that horse’s death is related to Jayda’s death.

Weaver said that she hopes no other horses are harmed.

“I want them to find these people that are doing this so that no one else feels this pain you know because it’s not just a horse, it’s you know a member of our family,” said Weaver. “She was very sweet. You could just love on her and you know everybody that was ever around her said that she was just a very sweet and beautiful and just had these very caring eyes.”

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has not released details about Jayda’s death. Law enforcement has only said that they are investigating an animal cruelty case.

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