Inmate who suffered miscarriage released early from Osceola jail

Report: Pregnant woman didn’t see doctor until two days after bleeding started

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Kenzi Dunn, a pregnant inmate at the Osceola County Jail, said she never saw a doctor the night she started showing signs of a miscarriage.

Dunn said she first found out she was pregnant in October, when she was booked in the Osceola County Corrections Department.

She said she started bleeding Wednesday, Dec. 4, and that the bleeding continued Thursday and Friday. On Friday, Dunn said she finally saw a doctor. An incident report shows it wasn’t until Monday that she was taken to the hospital.

The 20-year-old said she was still bleeding on Saturday and started getting cramps on Sunday, eventually miscarrying. Records show she then had to stay in the same cell where the miscarriage happened.

In court on Thursday, Dunn’s defense attorney asked for a modified sentence. Dunn wasn’t scheduled to be released until Dec. 30 but was released Thursday afternoon, after a judge ruled to modify her sentence.

“I’m gonna go ahead and modify the sentence to make it time served as of today’s date," Judge Greg Tynan said.

The judge’s decision left Dunn’s mother and grandmother, who were in court when it was made, feeling grateful.

“He showed compassion," Nicole Alderson, Dunn’s mother, said.

Armor is the company contracted to provide medical care to Osceola County inmates. A spokesperson for the company released the following statement to News 6:

"A miscarriage in any circumstance is a traumatic experience for any mother—to have this take place in jail is especially difficult. We are deeply sympathetic to what Kenzi Dunn has gone through. We followed Armor’s policies and procedures. We cannot disclose all details of this case without violating federal privacy laws, and as a healthcare company, privacy and confidentiality for patients is paramount. But the statement that no Armor staff followed up on this patient’s complaints and concerns is simply not true. Armor will continue to provide the best available treatment to those patients under its care. We will also continue to rigorously object to false claims and false narratives by those seeking to wrongly blame us for their own purposes. "

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