5 ways the mayor of Satellite Beach wants to make roads safer

Sophia Nelson, 12, was hit and killed while using a crosswalk

SATELLITE BEACH,Fla. – The mayor of Satellite Beach will share ideas of how the roads can be safer at a city council meeting on Wednesday.

Sophia Nelson,12, was hit and killed by a vehicle on Dec. 22 while using the mid-road crosswalk.

Her father said she was trying to cross A1A and Ellwood Avenue.

The car failed to stop, Nelson pressed the button to activate the yellow-flashing lights.

After the incident, Mayor Catino wrote a letter to the Florida Department of Transportation with ideas on how to improve road safety in the city.

Mayor Catino wants the speed limit lowered on State Route A1A.

He said the beach community is increasing the number of walkers, bicyclists and golf cart drivers in the area.

The beach is getting busier and Catino noted FDOT is studying this request if the department should lower the speed limit.

The mayor also wants FDOT to look at the idea of adding red lights to the beacon lights at crosswalks.

"It's a big misunderstanding," Satellite Beach resident Okie Lopresti said. "No one knows exactly what to do. This gives you a false sense of security. "

He also wants more signs alerting drivers the area has numerous pedestrians and drivers should be prepared to stop.

Mayor Catino would like to see more sidewalks on the west side of A1A.

The last point Catino made was adding a traffic signal at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and A1A.