FDOT: It’s time for Floridians to pay their overdue tolls

Collection agency could soon get involved


ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Department of Transportation is warning drivers that they better make payments on their overdue or delinquent SunPass and Toll-By-Plate accounts, otherwise they could soon be sent to a collection agency.

FDOT and The Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise released a customer service announcement Friday saying that enough time has passed since collection activity was suspended in June 2018 amid troubles with a new SunPass back-office system and now, it’s time for customers to pay.

FTE estimates that delinquent and overdue accounts will be sent to a collection agency in early 2020.

“The grace period to suspend fees and penalties ended in June. A nominal administrative fee is now included on toll transactions after June 1, 2019 and we will soon forward past due Toll-by-Plate and SunPass accounts to a collection agency. If your account is sent to a collection agency, it will no longer qualify for a reduced rate for the outstanding balance,” FTE and SunPass executive director and CEO Nicola Liquori said in a video message to customers.

Customers with a Toll-by-Plate balance who switch to a new SunPass account will be eligible to receive a credit and a reduced SunPass toll rate.

“Remember: Toll roads are not free. Your tolls provide for highway maintenance, our convenient service plazas, improvement projects and new roads that offer drivers more options,” Liquori said.

Officials noted in a news release that the customer service experience has improved since June 2018 when the system went down and now hold times for calls are approximately 40 seconds instead of 45 minutes.

Customers can speak to a representative about their account by calling SunPass at 888-865-5352.

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