Here’s why you might have seen the devil bid $666 on ‘The Price is Right’

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Did you see that?

Concerned viewers have reached out to News 6 after they saw a contestant dressed as a black demon on the “The Price Is Right.”

The ad has been seen on News 6 several times this week and has caused confusion for viewers and sparked questions on social media.

Turns out the demon, known as George, is actually part of a commercial for the CBS show “Evil.”

If you haven’t seen it, the commercial looks as if “The Price Is Right” is coming back from a commercial break.

Drew Carey is asking contestants for bids on a product.

One woman bids $665, and then the demon bids $666, a number commonly associated with Satan and is also known as the devil’s number.

The ad then cuts to black and shows a shot of the audience as viewers are left wondering what they just saw. To the untrained eye, this would seem real and possibly scary.

However, if you watch closely you’ll see that a commercial for “Evil” was shown directly before the “Price is Right” hoax. The ad for “Evil” is longer than you may think and it may incorporate scenes from popular CBS shows.

Pay close attention the next time you see one of these commercials.

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