5 Floridians with coronavirus are being isolated out of state, health officials say

247 people under public health monitoring

Five Floridians who have tested positive for coronavirus are being held in isolation until they are healthy enough to return home, according to the Florida Department of Health.

That new number was published Wednesday evening on the agency’s webpage dedicated to keeping track of COVID-19 cases in the Sunshine State.

The data did not indicate where those five Floridians are or how they might have contracted the illness.

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So far, three people in Florida have tested positive. An additional 16 tests are pending, 24 tests have come back negative and 247 people are under public health monitoring, either due to having close contact with someone who was diagnosed with the disease or because they’ve recently traveled to an affected area.

Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in Orlando Wednesday afternoon, saying that the risk for coronavirus infections remains low, even with Florida’s large tourism industry.

No one has tested positive for coronavirus in Orange County, although fewer than 30 people are under observation due to travel to affected countries, according to county health officials.

Symptoms of COVID-19 resemble a flu and include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

There’s currently no treatment other than symptom management but a vaccine is in the works.

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