‘We make alcohol:’ Holly Hill distillery making free hand sanitizer for residents

Copper Bottom Craft Distillery doing its part during coronavirus pandemic

HOLLY HILL, Fla. – The owners of Copper Bottom Craft Distillery opened its doors Wednesday to make and distribute hand sanitizers free of charge and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“Everything has been sold out so I said, you know what, that’s what we do. We make alcohol,” co-owner Jeremy Craig said. “We’ve been getting calls from health care clinics, police departments. People can’t get it.”

The owners showed how they make the hand sanitizer five gallons at a time, to fill four ounce bottles. Craig said they use very high proof alcohol and dilute it down with a little bit of water and xanthan gum.

Residents lined up at noon to fill their four ounce bottles, including Rosemary Calhoun who works in the court system and wants to protect herself and others.

“I have searched for hand sanitizer in all the stores and have not been able to find any," she said. “I think that’s a wonderful service that they’re providing to the community. I chose to make a donation and I hope that others do as well to help support them and their efforts.”

The owners said they’ve put their business on the back burner for now, to focus on helping the community and they encourage others to buy and support these types of businesses.

“I know other businesses, if they’ve got the ability to do things, especially in a time like this," Craig said. “It kind of brings people together and that’s what we’re trying to do. Small businesses like us are going to be the ones that are really going to get hurt in something like this. So, we’re trying our best to stay a float like everybody else.”

The distillery will continue to make hand sanitizer while supplies last and appreciate donations that include xanthan gum, white table sugar and bottles. Monetary donations are also accepted.

Copper Bottom Craft Distillery is open Wednesday thru Saturday, from noon to 7 p.m.

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