Woman yells ‘Go Donald Trump’ after buying all the toilet paper from a Florida Dollar Tree

Shopper says it was for a good cause

Toilet paper (WSLS 10)

A woman who bought all the toilet paper from a Florida Dollar Tree then yelled “Go Donald Trump" at another shopper who questioned the purchase said she was buying in bulk to make a charitable donation, the Miami Herald reports.

A video posted to Twitter shows Teresa Manno loading boxes of toilet paper, facial tissues and other paper products into the bed of a pickup truck while a woman filming on her cellphone questions what seems like unnecessary hoarding.

Many store shelves have been left bare due to shoppers stocking up as coronavirus continues to spread across the country.

“Look at this wonderful woman who just told me to F myself and mind my own effing business who just bought the entire store of paper towels, toilet paper so that nobody else can have any. It’s really lovely,” the woman behind the camera said.

Manno tells the woman to go film inside the Pompano Beach store because, “they’re the ones who sold it to me.”

Representatives from Dollar Tree have since come out and said the store violated company policy by allowing such a large purchase of essential items that are in short supply.

In the video, Manno and the woman filming continue to spat. Manno never mentions during the two-minute clip that she intended to donate the items.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see her on the street corner selling it for double in a minute,” the camerawoman tells another shopper.

Things turn political from there.

“I bet you she likes Donald Trump, too,” the witness said.

“Donald Trump, go Donald Trump,” Manno said in response.

The video ends after Manno accuses the woman of working as a prostitute.

After the footage went viral with more than three million views on Twitter, Manno provided the Herald with a form indicating that she donated the paper products to Lutheran Service Florida-Lippman Youth Shelter.

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