Ocoee dress designer using talents to help healthcare workers on frontlines

A local fashion designer is making masks and giving them to healthcare providers.

Spring typically means prom season, the busy season for Ocoee fashion designer Sentia McKoy but her business of creating custom formal dresses is on hold while she puts her skills to use to help medical workers responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facemasks are in short supply and high demand all over the U.S. due to the respiratory illness known as COVID-19.

McKoy is trying to help sewing 24 masks per day using a special African fabric.

The masks are for health care professionals in central Florida and nationwide.

On Friday, she sent a shipment to New Jersey.

Any medical provider who needs a mask can reach out to her Facebook page or website.

To people who know McKoy, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

Among the designer’s awards is one also for community service.

With every mask sewn, her community grows.

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