How to get your Lake County distance learning questions answered

School system develops submission form

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be several more weeks before students across the state can return to the classroom.

From now until at least May 1, children will instead use distance-learning options set up by their public school system that will allow them to receive their lessons from their home.

Monday marked the first day of the new digital instruction method for most Central Florida students and it came with some technological hiccups.

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Leaders with Lake County Schools acknowledged the difficulties and according to spokeswoman Sherri Owens, part of the problem, including a brief outage, was due to a vendor.

“Every system is experiencing unprecedented usage over the next few days and we are hoping that they scale up to handle the record traffic. The vendor is aware and addressing those issues, and we expect each day to get better as we go along. In fact, (Tuesday) seems much better, based on the feedback we are receiving from parents, students and teachers,” Owens said.

One suggestion she had for parents and students is to download the Google Chrome app on their smart devices and use the Classlink extension when completing coursework. Instructions on how to download the extension are available here.

To address some of the concerns, Lake County Schools also set up a submission form where parents and students can detail any issues they might be having with the system. The district’s IT team will review the questions and email a response within 24 hours.

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