Missing outdoor concerts during coronavirus pandemic? Live Nation is bringing the music to you

Just because we’re keeping our distance doesn’t mean the music has to stop

Guitar (Dominik Scythe/Unsplash)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Social distancing has got some of us bummed since we can’t enjoy the outdoors, but music could help with that.

We don’t mean just playing your Spotify on a loop while you’re safely indoors or leaving a YouTube playlist on as you work from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

There are artists who are livestreaming performances from their living room or turning to Instagram to give you snippets of new projects.

It could be hard to just constantly search for your favorite artist and see what they’re up to, so Live Nation is doing it for you.

It’s part of their initiative “Live from Home.”

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It’s simple, really. Make an account on livenation.com if you don’t have one already, select some of your favorite artists and you can be notified if they plan to go live at any point. Live Nation even provides you the time and the link to the platform your favorite artist or band will be using for their performance.

You can always check out their collection too at livenation.com/livefromhome. Dozens of artists pop up, from Cold War Kids to Melissa Etheridge and even Miley Cyrus.

There’s even festivals that help you feel “alone together” across the globe, like France’s “Sofa Festival” or Australia’s “Together Fest.” Some are even separated into various days so you can catch different artists.

The point is to still bring some normalcy to concert-goers and music fans during the coronavirus pandemic, so feel free to jam out in your living room or headbang to an oldie.

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