Ticketmaster refund policy re-wording sparks outrage on social media

Postponed events no longer included in wording

People are mad at Ticketmaster, really mad.

It follows what USA Today reports as an online change in the wording of the company’s refund policy amid a wave of coronavirus-related event cancelations and postponements.

The paper cited an image of Ticketmaster's website captured by the New York Times.

It showed the previous wording, which stated that refunds quote "are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled."

The wording has been changed to state that refunds quote "are available if your event is canceled."

Ticketmaster said in a statement to USA Today that they merely changed the wording, but that the policy on postponed events has remained consistent.

Their purchase policy allows for event providers to limit refunds.

However, Ticketmaster's explanation wasn't enough to prevent angry customers from venting on social media.

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