Having problems checking the status of your stimulus payment? You’re not alone

IRS website says don’t call to check status, updated once daily

According to the IRS website, most people won't have to do a thing to get their stimulus money deposited into their bank accounts.
According to the IRS website, most people won't have to do a thing to get their stimulus money deposited into their bank accounts.

According to the IRS website, most people won't have to do a thing to get their stimulus money deposited into their bank accounts.

But a lot of people are wanting to know when they will get that money.

One of those people is Melissa Landy, a 30 year old public relations executive from College Park.

"I woke up this morning to several texts of friends and family saying 'Oh I got $1,200! It hit my account' and I said I should go look," said Landy. "It wasn't there, so that was definitely a frustrating feeling."

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Rick Ashby of Oviedo is one of the lucky ones who got his stimulus money early.

"I did. I got it on Monday - direct deposit," said Ashby. "I'm going to pay my mortgage."

But Melissa Landy is still waiting for her payment.

"It appears they don't have my bank information, which I need to give them to make sure I can get my direct deposit," said Landy. "But I have to wait 24 hours to log back on the website to do it."

Landy says she's been trying to log onto the IRS website, to check on the status of her payment for days.

Only to be directed time and time again to Please Try again later.

“It will be like please wait due to high demand - and will circle a little for like a minute - and then you’re able to get on,” said Landy. “But right now, it seems like it’s taking awhile.”

News 6 has learned others are getting this message: "payment status - not available" and stating their eligibility is in question.

Landy says she owed money to the IRS the past two years, and wonders if that may be the reason for the delay. But she says her bank account information has remained the same. She says a friend who also owed the IRS a tax payment has also not received her stimulus deposit either.

"I am lucky and blessed, I haven't been furloughed or laid off. But who knows how long this will continue," said Landy. "That money may be needed for my rent in the future, so I will be keeping it safe."

The IRS launched the new section on their website that allows people to track the status of their stimulus payments, but the website states that this option will be unavailable if a paper check has already been scheduled.

Economic Impact Payments | Internal Revenue ServiceThe IRS is committed to helping you get your Economic Impact Payment as soon as possible. The payments, also referred to by some as stimulus payments, are automatic for most taxpayers.www.irs.gov

The IRS is also urging people not to call since most people won't need to take any action. Most individuals who made up to $75,000 in adjusted gross income will receive $1,200. The payments steadily declines for those who make more. Parents would see $500 for each child under age 17.

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Qualifying income levels will be based on 2019 federal tax returns, if already filed, or your 2018 returns if not.

News 6 checked and learned any past due child support will be taken out of stimulus checks going to parents who owe any arrears.

Julie Kennedy from Oviedo says she hasn't checked her bank account or the IRS website about the stimulus payment, but she says she'll just wait for the check in the mail.

"We're probably going to put it towards a mortgage payment," said Kennedy.

According to the IRS website, the Get My Payment status is updated once daily, usually overnight, and are urging people to only check it once a day to keep from overloading the system.

News 6 checked and it turns out the IRS does not allow people to change bank account information already on file, and you can’t update your bank account information after a payment has already been scheduled for delivery.