Brevard County medical group says 1,000 coronavirus antibody tests performed in week

One percent of the people who took test showed positive results

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – OMNI Healthcare in Melbourne said on Friday that they have tested about 1,000 people for the antibodies of COVID-19.

Dr. Craig Deligdish said that their current test has been verified by a respected lab in Boston.

Dr. Deligdish said that one percent of the people who took the test showed positive results for the two types of antibodies associated with coronavirus.

"It tells you as to whether or not you have been infected and have developed immunity through the development of an antibody," said Deligdish.

OMNI Healthcare said that it has purchased about 10,000 of the tests and have no issues supplying more if the demand is there.

Deligdish also said that those who test positive for the antibodies from their tests could still pose a risk to others.

"They could transmit that virus to somebody else. They could serve as a vessel or a carrier so to speak, and they themselves could be infectious." said Dr. Deligdish.

OMNI Healthcase warns that tests on the market should be verified as much as scientifically possible in order to validate the results.

The Melbourne facility said that it has also conducted 10,000 COVID-19 tests in the past three weeks.

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