What does the governor’s decision to reopen Florida mean where you live?

Some businesses could begin reopening on Monday

ORLANDO, Fla. – After Gov. Ron DeSantis’ announcement that Florida would reopen as part of Phase One on Wednesday, government leaders around the state began trying to answer the question of what it meant for their residents.

Seminole County Chairman Jay Zembower was the first Central Florida leader to walk up to a microphone.

"As a small business owner, myself, I’m extremely disappointed that some businesses will continue to suffer," he told reporters at a news conference.

Seminole County did not have its own stay-at-home order, but leaders did enact a social distancing order.

Zembower said the businesses that were qualified under the governor's order should be able to open on Monday.

As for churches, he said most of the organizations he's spoken with say they're going to continue social distancing.

"We’ve heard everything from groups of 10 separated apart. We’ve heard different parts of the church that will hold the service virtually, as well as remotely virtually continuing to do so," he said.

Some businesses in Brevard County could also begin opening up on Monday if they fall under the governor’s guidelines, said Don Walker with Brevard County Emergency Management.

County Commissioners will meet on Thursday to determine if they want to make any local modifications.

Kissimmee leaders sent out a tweet on Wednesday night, "The City is reviewing the details of Governor Ron DeSantis’ plan to reopen Florida and will make announcements in the coming days as it relates to any changes to City operations or potential openings of City facilities."

Marion County leaders were expected to have a conference call on Thursday to discuss next steps after the governor's announcement.

Also on Thursday, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings' economic recovery task force meets again to map out guidelines for qualifying local businesses wishing to reopen.

“We should be able to make modifications to suit our particular circumstances here,” Demings said in a news conference on Wednesday.

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