’I don’t remember anything:’ Celebration murder suspect talks about family in jailhouse call

Crime scene photos show bloody knives, boys’ rosaries

Crime scene photos show Anthony Todt had injuries on his hands after he was arrested in connection with the deaths of his wife and children. (Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office)

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – In a jailhouse phone call released Monday along with a slew of other records, the man accused of killing his wife, three children and dog in their Celebration home said he didn’t remember the weeks surrounding the crime or even being arrested in January.

In the 17-minute call on Feb. 27, Anthony Todt speaks to a relative about being in an isolation unit at the Osceola County Jail.

He mentions 42-year-old Megan Todt, 11-year-old Tyler Todt, 13-year-old Alek Todt and 4-year-old Zoe Todt but never explicitly talks about their deaths or the crime.

“I’m in an isolation-type cell wearing a vest only for at least six weeks, they’ve been telling me. I don’t remember anything pretty much over Christmas and the first week I got here,” Anthony Todt said. “I don’t remember coming here. I don’t remember anything after the events that happened, that kind of stuff. I have no idea where I was, where I am and the only thing I remember is being at the hospital I guess, I assume before I got here and I remember talking about (inaudible) and that’s all I remember and I remember waking up here seeing one of the officers that I’ve become pretty close with. Other than that, I have no idea of anything.”

Osceola County deputies said the family members were likely killed in late December but weren’t discovered until Jan. 13 when authorities went to serve a federal warrant related to medical billing fraud.

In the call, Anthony Todt speaks in vague terms when referencing the crime.

“I want you to know a couple of things. That I absolutely loved, honored and obeyed Megan through everything. Um 'cause a lot of things will come out, I can’t talk about it right now,” Anthony Todt said. “Realize that, OK?”

When talking about “the night everything happened,” he claimed he fell asleep while looking for a silver Mickey Mouse necklace his daughter wanted that was in the family’s condo.

“But I couldn’t find the Mickey thing so if you could find that. But I couldn’t find it in the jewelry box, I ended up falling asleep and let’s just leave it at that," Anthony Todt said.

Although deputies said Anthony Todt confessed to killing his wife and children, he said he couldn’t remember doing that.

“I have no idea what I told investigators because (inaudible). Just know that I will protect Megan’s dignity until the very end,” Anthony Todt said.

He also begged his relative to find the Mickey necklace and his mother’s ring, which he said he had attached to a crucifix necklace that he was wearing at the time of his arrest.

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Pictures of the Todt family are pinned to a board inside their condo.

“I had (the crucifix) on me the whole time. There’s a few things I do remember and I do remember always checking to make sure it was there. It was always on my crucifix,” he said.

Crime scene photos released Monday show Alek Todt and Tyler Todt were both wearing rosaries when their bodies were discovered.

Other pictures show the room where the four family members were found. Along with the bed and mattresses on the floor, there were also stuffed animals and other toys in the master bedroom.

Agents who were attempting to serve a federal arrest warrant described arriving at the home on Reserve Place on Jan. 13 to find Anthony Todt acting incoherently, slurring his words and barely able to walk, according to audio recordings.

He ultimately ended up being taken to a hospital after his arrest for treatment because he admitted to taking Benadryl in an attempt to end his life, according to Osceola County deputies.

They said Anthony Todt claimed his wife was sleeping upstairs and his daughter was possibly at a sleepover.

The agents were unable to notice any obvious signs of trauma on the bodies due to the decomposition and noted that they initially searched the house for Zoe Todt because her body was so small they didn’t realize it was under a blanket at the foot of the bed, near her mother.

A mother and two of her three children who were found dead in their Celebration home earlier this month had stab wounds on their bodies, according to the Medical Examiner’s report.

Records show the two boys were on mattresses on the floor.

An autopsy report released about a month ago noted that all the victims but Zoe Todt suffered stab wounds to their abdomens, but ultimately they died as a result of Benadryl overdoses and “homicidal violence of unspecified means."

Crime scene photos showed two blood-stained knives in the bedroom where the bodies were found. Empty packages of Benadryl and other allergy medicine along with a gun were also removed from the home.

That same set of photos shows injuries on Anthony Todt’s hands, a bruise to his chest and what appeared to an injury to his neck.

Anthony Todt is charged with four counts of first-degree murder. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.