John Morgan offers to recoup $77M Florida paid for troubled unemployment system

High-profile Orlando attorney says firm’s services would be free

ORLANDO, Fla. – High-profile Orlando attorney John Morgan has offered his firm’s services to get involved with the state’s troubled unemployment system.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Morgan asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to allow Morgan & Morgan to go after the company that sold Florida the $77 million computer system it uses to process claims.

“If someone sold you a car that didn’t work, what would you do?” Morgan said in the video. “It’s called lemons. We were sold a lemon.”


Morgan said he wouldn’t charge the state anything for his firm’s work, and any recouped money should go to the unemployed.

“What I’m offering the state of Florida is to say, I will come in for free, I will file a lawsuit against all the vendors who brought us this lemon, get our money back, I will get this system working," Morgan said.

Morgan ended the video by praising DeSantis’ overall response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I sure am glad I’m not governor. I wouldn’t want your job, but I’ll tell you what, I think you’re doing one hell of a job. Keep it up,” Morgan said.

“I’ve never seen a time in all my years in Florida of absolute desperation, I mean this is worse than a hurricane," he said.

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