Florida man accused of exposing himself claims he needed to air out, deputies say

Sheriff calls behavior ‘disgusting, rude and perverted’

Justin Mosser (Polk County Sheriff's Office)

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – An Avon Park man who was caught exposing himself to women while driving says he “airs it out” sometimes because he gets hot, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said a woman called 911 on May 11 to report that she was stopped at a red light on Highway 60 near the Lake Wales Municipal Airport around 8 a.m. when she noticed the driver of the Mazda that was next to her waving and trying to get her attention.

She looked over to see the man’s penis completely exposed and then saw him begin to touch himself inappropriately, records show.

Photos the victim took and a description she was able to provide helped deputies identify 32-year-old Justin Mosser as a suspect in the case, according to authorities.

Deputies said they began conducting surveillance on Mosser Wednesday morning and as a female detective was driving near him on Highway 27 in an unmarked vehicle, she noticed him trying to get her attention and looked over to see him exposed and touching himself inappropriately.

After a traffic stop was conducted, deputies said Mosser told them that he often drives with his penis out of his pants because he gets hot and “airs it out.”

Records show he admitted to exposing himself to four or five random women while driving and expressed no remorse for his actions.

“First, nobody wants to see that. It’s disgusting, rude and perverted. Second, it’s dangerous to be doing something like this while driving. This is wrong on so many levels. Great work by the detectives to find this guy so quickly. He said he’s done this before, so we’re asking for his other victims to contact the Sheriff’s Office," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Mosser is facing three counts of indecent exposure and two counts of committing a lewd act.