Olympia HS seniors host their own parade on ‘would-be’ last day

Some students wore their graduation gowns

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Members of the Olympia High School class of 2020 decorated their vehicles for a parade on Monday evening.

The students gathered at Thornebrook Elementary, before driving through seven neighborhoods where students live.

"It's really nice to see that we are all here together now," said senior Gary Winthorpe.

Some students wore their graduation gowns. Students honked their horns as parents and community members cheered them on from their driveways.

Ocoee police were also on hand, both in front and behind the parade.

Senior Kayla Montenegro said that she helped her mother coordinate the parade. She said it involved spreading the word on social media and handing out flyers in the neighborhoods.

“We lost a lot this year, just not being able to like have a real graduation ceremony. Today would have been our actually walkout at Olympia High School, where we would have walked out of school for the last time. So, it’s really special we can still do something to honor that.”

Students also said they reached out to HOA’s to make sure they were able to conduct the parade in the students’ neighborhoods.

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