Central Floridians gather to watch George Floyd’s memorial service

Mourners say they’re sad, frustrated

ORLANDO, Fla. – As thousands of people showed up to a memorial service in Minneapolis for George Floyd, many others all across the nation gathered in groups to watch from afar.

Thomas Campbell watched the service from Oley’s Restaurant in Orlando. He said he wanted to have those tough conversations when it comes to police brutality and racial injustice here in America.

“It just makes me frustrated what us blacks are going through,” Campbell said. “He shouldn’t have died with another white man’s knee on his neck. I don’t think that was right.”

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He’s like many reacting after Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

“In general, it saddens everyone. I feel like it’s just a sad time for everyone,” Emily Solis said.

Floyd’s memorial service happened amid continued protests all across the country and in Central Florida.

“I hope the community continues to do what they’ve been doing, fighting peacefully for a good cause,” Solis said.

Barber Chris Jackson from Barbersrars Kutz in Orlando watched Floyd’s memorial service on television, too.

“I’m hoping the family can finally get some peace,” Jackson said.

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As a black man and father, he said he’s hurting too and also selling “I Can’t Breathe” T-shirts that he designed. He said he plans to give a portion of the proceeds to Floyd’s family.

“It’s hard to see a world that’s still separated by color like it is,” Jackson said.

Many supporters say they don’t support the looting happening nationwide but they understand it, and they’re asking folks to consider supporting black-owned business.

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