8 houses damaged after tornado hits Orange County

City officials ask everyone to avoid downed power lines

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A tornado touched down in Orange County on Saturday night.

The National Weather Service said a tornado was confirmed from numerous videos and reports in the Orlando area.

At this time we do not know which video the NWS is referring to.

Video shows a funnel over Lake Conway.

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City officials are asking everyone to avoid downed power lines, trees, and standing water.

The Orange County Fire Rescue is in the area of Lake Margaret and Fern Creek for reports of trees and wires down.

The American Red Cross, Orlando Fire Department and officers with the Orlando Police Department are surveying the area for damage.

There are no reports of any injuries at this time.

Eight homes were damaged on Saturday night, and crews will survey the area throughout the night.

Fire crews said damage was sporadic in the Conway area.

Crews also remind everyone to always pay attention to weather alerts sent to your phone and to take shelter.

A possible tornado was spotted in South Orlando.

This is a developing story. We will update this story as more information.