Union rep says Orange County teachers don’t feel safe returning to classrooms

Some educators say they’d rather quit

Union: Teachers feel return to classroom is unsafe
Union: Teachers feel return to classroom is unsafe

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – With Gov. Ron DeSantis’ announcement Thursday that he plans to reopen schools for in-person learning in the fall, News 6 spoke with Wendy Doromal, the president of the Orange County Teachers Classroom Association.

Doromal said their teachers aren't ready.

“We have teachers that say they will quit before they go back to school in August. They just don’t feel safe,” Doromal said.

Doromal said she represents more than 14,000 teachers, and said the majority of those teachers do not feel safe returning to their classrooms.

“They are absolutely not prepared right now, I believe, to start in August,” Doromal said.

The school districts wanted to know if parents were prepared, and so they sent surveys asking their thoughts on children returning to in-person learning.

Some of the districts said they are still gathering input from parents.

But Orange County schools, Seminole County and Osceola County school surveys show the majority of their district parents said they did want in-person learning.

The Lake County school district said, what they've received so far, shows a majority in favor of returning to brick and mortar school buildings.

Doromal said all of the teachers want to go back to school eventually, but they want to do it when it's safe.

“You can catch up on lessons and learning that was lost, but you can never get a life back,” Doromal said.

On June 22, Doromal said they will be bargaining with the district.

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