Man, juvenile arrested after Orlando police review video of gun incident at Mall at Millenia

Report: Pair in possession of firearms, arrested on concealed carry charges

VIDEO: Man arrested at Mall at Millenia after loud noises, fight cause panic, police say
VIDEO: Man arrested at Mall at Millenia after loud noises, fight cause panic, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man has been arrested for his involvement in a June 7 brawl at the Mall at Millenia after he was found to be in possession of a gun, according to the Orlando Police department. A juvenile was also arrested for their involvement in the incident.

Darrel Debrew, 21, was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed firearm and was being held at the Orange County jail.

Videos began circulating on social media last week that showed a fight at Mall at Millenia where the juvenile who has since been arrested can be seen pointing a handgun at others involved in the altercation.

A spokesperson with OPD said officers responded to the mall near the Macy’s store around 3:16 p.m., and when officers arrived shoppers were fleeing out of the department store and told police they heard shots fired in Macy’s.

On Wednesday, OPD released the incident report and said detectives had reviewed videos of the incident that sent shoppers running.

According to the report, a Macy’s security officer told police he saw about 15 people running up the escalator and he pursued the group thinking they may be shoplifters.

The security guard said they saw Debrew being “assaulted by the group." The assailants were using mannequins and store property to hit Debrew, causing about $6,800 in property damages, according to the report.

Police spoke to Debrew who said he didn’t know his attackers and he was in Orlando visiting with friends; he declined to press charges.

Officers also spoke with another person, later determined to be a juvenile exempt from public record due to age, who was with Debrew. His name is redacted in the report. The juvenile was in possession of a Glock 44 handgun and was taken into custody.

According to a report, the juvenile told police he was not going to shoot anyone with the firearm but was just “trying to scare them” since the fight was “10 versus 2.”

Police said the juvenile drew the handgun after a group of people started staring at him. According to Debrew, the group started to shout insults at him and threaten him and his friend.

The individual said one of the group members took off his shirt and he took that as a sign he wanted to fight, according to the report. At this point, the juvenile took a handgun out of a backpack Debrew was carrying.

Police said the “primary aggressors” of the fight were not found.

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