Bookshop takes storytelling online to teach kids about race and diversity

DELAND, Fla. – The Muse Book will celebrate 40 years in business next month and the quaint brick and mortar store will take storytime online.

The new online initiative is to not only entertain children while at home but to teach them about race and diversity.

"It revolved around how can we have conversations with our own children and grandchildren," said Janet Bollum, store owner.

Janet Bollum said she partnered with her daughter, Ella Ran, who owns the shop called Outsiders USA, and together they launched their first podcast on Wednesday.

"They need to understand and they need to look at it from all perspectives. We're going to deal with all ethnicities in different young adult and children's books," said Bollum.

Bollum said the weekly podcast, which is live on Instagram, is interactive and they’ll be donating the books they read to listeners who like and comment on their story. She also showed News 6 a sneak peek of the next couple of books they plan to read and hope to continue spreading the message of inclusiveness.

"We're taking different ethnicities and hopefully using that as a sounding board for conversations about how we're different but how we're also, so alike," said Bollum.

You can visit the Muse Book Shop website here.

Look for their podcast updates on their Facebook page by searching for The Muse Bookshop.

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