Not your traditional gas station donuts: Orlando to taste the ‘The Salty Donut'

Miami-based donut shop to offer creative craft donuts, coffee

The Salty Donut opening location in Orlando's Audubon Park this fall
The Salty Donut opening location in Orlando's Audubon Park this fall (Salty Donut)

ORLANDO, Fla – Orlando’s food scene is about to sink its teeth into a new kind of donut.

The Salty Donut is about to bring its quirky and trendy scene to Orlando’s Audubon Park community this fall.

The Miami-based business popped up in 2015, selling donuts out of a 1950s Aljoa camper in a parking lot, but is now looking to expand its footprint in Central Florida.

The Orlando location will be the company’s fourth location and will open along Corrine Drive at an old car and auto servicing station.

“The Salty prides ourselves on integrating history from each community and building structure that we move into, we’re going to be creating multiple garage doors that will be fully functional and can open up to create an indoor-outdoor seating area during the cooler seasons!”

The Salty Donut will offer out-of-the-box donuts that are both creative, decadent and delicious.

From maple-bacon donuts to a dragon and passion fruit delicacy, this shop is sure to have something for everyone.

According to the company website, the artisan donut shop creates chef-made, small-batch, craft donuts that are made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.

Take a look at the menu from the Wynwood location in Miami.

The Salty Donut Miami Menu
The Salty Donut Miami Menu (Salty Donut)

The Salty Donut has been recognized by Forbes Magazine, Food Network, ESPN, Travel Channel and many other publications.

The company is encouraging people to follow them on social media as the opening date gets closer.

The Salty Donut opening in Orlando
The Salty Donut opening in Orlando (Salty Donut)

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