Orange County teachers still don’t know if they will teach in-person or virtually

Some teachers said they can't pick an option for their kid until they know how they will be teaching

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – As the start of the school year quickly approaches, teachers in Orange County still do not know if they will be teaching in-person or virtually.

Orange County Public Schools teacher Farrah Hawkins said depending on which learning option she is placed in, this will dictate what her 5-year-old daughter does.

Hawkins said she's a kindergarten teacher with OCPS, and said her daughter will be starting kindergarten this Fall.

But less than two weeks from the start of school, and Hawkins said, she still doesn't know what she or her daughter will be doing.

"Nobody has the answer, you can reach out to the school board members, you can reach out to the district, and nobody has the answers," said Hawkins.

Hawkins tells News 6, she signed both her and her daughter up for LaunchEd@Home.

But said, if OCPS places her as a teacher in a different option, she will have to change her daughter's learning option as well.

"I'm hoping that we're not locked into that option, because if I have to go back face-to-face, then I have to rearrange everything with her," said Hawkins.

Hawkins said this school year presents many challenges.

She said even if both she and her daughter are placed in LaunchEd@Home, as a teacher, she said it can be a struggle balancing teaching her class while overseeing her daughter’s education.

Hawkins said an added complication is that teachers don’t know which option they’ll be doing or by what date they will know by.

News 6 contacted Orange County Public Schools to ask them if there is a date by when teachers will know which learning option they will be assigned to.

Michael Ollendorff, the media relations manager for OCPS, responded with this statement:

“Principals received the results of the teacher survey and choice registration on Tuesday. School staff is currently working to match the responses of teachers and students to create schedules. As soon as class rosters are created, teachers will receive that information and families in turn right after.”

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