Volusia County to offer free pet food, microchipping

Event will take place Sunday at Volusia County Fairgrounds


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Over the weekend Volusia County pet owners will be able to get pet food and have their pet microchipped -- for free.

“The last thing we want to see happen is individuals is choosing between the ability to afford items for their pets, things like pet food. Between that and the resources that you need for you and your family,” Adam Leath, Director of Volusia County Animal Services said.

On Sunday, pet owners can bring their furry companion to the Volusia County Fairgrounds and receive free pet food, for both dogs and cats.

Officials said pet owners can also have their pet microchipped at no cost to them.

“(I) can’t underscore the importance of microchip in your pet, especially with the current hurricane season upon us as we were just reminded just last week, hurricanes are an inevitable act here in Volusia County,” Leath added.

A microchip is placed below the skin of an animal and allows vet clinics, humane societies and other locations to scan it and see where the pet came from in the event the pet’s ID tag is lost.

“We will be able to microchip almost all species, except for exotic birds,” Leath said.

Multiple pets are welcome, however, officials ask that the animals are inside a crate or leashed.

“We would ask that your pets be inside of a container to ensure that they’re appropriately safe during the transport and they will be removed from your vehicle so we want to ensure that you have a lease on your pad or an enclosure or a kennel for your dog or a cat, and we’ll be happy to implant those microchips directly there for you and our veterinary staff will be there to assist you,” Leath explained.

The event begins at 9 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 9.

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