Teen gets locked in showroom safe at Orlando gun range

Girl uninjured at Shooters World; hydraulic extrication tools used to access safe

ORLANDO, Fla. – A teenager was accidentally locked inside a showroom safe at a gun range on Tuesday, according to the Orlando Fire Department.

Investigators said she walked inside the display and the door closed behind her.

Crews responded to Shooters World and said Tower 10 firefighters had to use hydraulic extrication tools to breach the door.

“We tried the manufacturers’ suggestions and unfortunately the fail-safe system failed on it,” said Orlando Fire District Chief JJ White. “We were forced to use special teams units which forced, used their special hydraulic tools to reach the wall, door of the safe.”

The fire department said the teenager was not injured in the incident.

Since the teen was inside, White said that crews had to be cautious to ensure her safety and were able to communicate with her the entire time.

“We were able to tell the minor what we were doing from the outside so they wouldn’t be too concerned or scared, and had them back away as far away as possible from our entry point,” said White.

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