Thousands of unregistered Brevard Public Schools students before first day of class

Teachers were told to 'wait and see' how many students show up Monday

VIERA, Fla. – Four days before the first day of class for Brevard Public Schools, the district said there are still thousands of unregistered students.

Most of them are in the elementary schools where the district said they have 6,000 fewer students registered for this year compared to last year.

"We need people to contact their school if they are planning on coming back and have still not contacted the school because we have a few thousand students that haven't reached out and registered yet," school board member Tina Descovich said.

That means teachers do not know how many of their students will actually show up Monday.

The teachers union said a lot of parents are making last-minute decisions for their families.

"What we're telling teachers is wait to see which kids actually make it into the school face-to-face," Brevard Federation of Teachers Second Vice President Jonathan Hilliard said.

The union also advised teachers to find out how many of their students are going to be eLearning.

"If you have a roster of 25, you may have eight of them eLearning so that would reduce your face-to-face number of students, also," Hilliard added.

In addition to teaching and staffing, how many face-to-face students show up will also impact before and aftercare, meals and transportation.

Unlike the elementary schools, the district said registration for middle and high schools are closer to last year's numbers.

And even for students choosing virtual school or a private school this year, Brevard Public Schools is still asking those families to notify their school about their plans.

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