After recovering from COVID-19, Rep. Randy Fine donates plasma to help other coronavirus patients

State representative gives plasma 3 weeks after being told he was at risk of dying

PALM BAY, Fla. – President Donald Trump has called convalescent plasma a “breakthrough” in fighting the novel coronavirus and a Florida state representative agreed that donating plasma could help effectively treat patients.

Rep. Randy Fine, himself, was recently one of the donors hoping to make a difference in another patient’s battle with COVID-19.

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Fine told News 6 on the day before he went home from Holmes Regional Medical Center that 30% of his lungs were covered with damage from COVID-19.

Three weeks after Fine said doctors told him he was at risk of dying, the survivor believes he might be saving lives next.

"I wanted to donate as soon as I could," Fine said while giving plasma.

Anyone who gets over the symptoms must wait two weeks before they're allowed to donate.

The OneBlood nurse taking Fine’s plasma Monday said it was full of antibodies.

Fine said each donation can treat three or four patients.

"This is something that can't be manufactured. It can only be donated so I hope everyone who has had COVID will take the opportunity to do what we're doing today and donate plasma," Fine said.

Next week, Fine gets his first scan for an update on the condition of his damaged lungs.

Those who meet the criteria and want to donate plasma can make an appointment with OneBlood.

Fine said he’s going to bring the bus back to his offices in Palm Bay in about a month.

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