Graphic body camera video shows moment a bulletproof vest saves a Daytona Beach police officer’s life

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The Daytona Beach Police Department released graphic body camera footage following an officer-involved shooting Saturday during which an officer was shot in the chest and a suspect was killed.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The Daytona Beach Police Department released graphic body camera footage following an officer-involved shooting Saturday during which an officer was shot in the chest and a suspect was killed.

Body camera video shows five officers arriving at an apartment complex after an anonymous tip that a suspect wanted for attempted murder was inside.

Authorities said the man, later identified by police as Michael Harris, shot a woman twice in the back two weeks ago.

“Which apartment is it?” an officer carrying a rifle asks, and other officers show him the way.

Police officers speak to a woman sitting outside apartment No. 104 before knocking, asking her if anyone else is home.

“Listen, if he’s in there you need to tell us?” the officer said.

“I don’t know a Michael Green,” she responds.

“How about Michael Anthony Harris?” an officer asks.

Another person near the apartment tell officers “the dude with the gun, either he (is) in there or he jumped out the window,” adding “his name is Michael Harris, they call him Michael Mike.”

About 30 seconds later, the officer whose body camera is on pushes open the unlocked apartment door with his rifle up.

“Police Department, show me your hands,” the officer yells into the apartment.

The video then shows officers with their guns drawn as they walk to the end of a hallway. One officer kicks in a door and is met by gunfire.

The officer yells out in pain and drops to the ground. More shots can be heard from the apartment and the officer gets up and returns fire.

Another officer is yelling for the man to put the gun down and put his hands up.

After three rounds of shots, the shooting stops for a moment.

One person was killed and a Daytona Beach police officer was injured in a shooting on Saturday, according to police.

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“I’m hit,” the officer yells. He then fires more shots into the bedroom.

A woman who was in a bedroom is screaming repeatedly. The officers are trying to get her to open the bedroom door and walk out.

“Shove the door open,” officers say. She is begging them not to shoot her.

She walks out with her hands up.

“Please, call an ambulance,” she tells officers.

The officer who was struck says he was shot in the chest, another officer asks if he is “good.”

“Do you want to duck out of here?” the other officer asks.

“No, I’m getting this (expletive),” he replies.

The officer moves toward the bedroom, and yells “show me your hands.” He volleys off more shots into the room.

“Hey, I need you to stack up on me, OK?” the officer said to other DBPD officers.

Three officers enter the room and the man is laying on the ground.

Responding officers tell the injured police officer they will take over so he can get help. He walks out unaided and sits down to remove his bullet proof vest.

“No holes man,” another officer said.

Police said the officer who was shot will be OK because he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Harris died on scene.

The family of the suspect obtained cellphone video capturing the encounter and said from what they saw, officers went too far with how many shots they fired at the suspect.

On Monday, the department released the names of the officers involved in the incident. Officer Dominic Besse, who was shot, has been with the department since 2008. Officer Shane Jackson, who has been with DPBD since 2017, suffered head and neck injuries during the shootout, according to police. Holly Hill police Officer Luis Lugo was on scene and also fired his weapon, according to the department.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the shooting and the officers who fired shots are on paid administrative leave.

Watch the police worn body camera below.

WARNING: Graphic content. View discretion is advised.

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