Orange County schools ready for kickoff of fall sports

Monday is first official day of practice for many county teams

Football generic ball on football field generic (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Football generic ball on football field generic (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) (2018 Brett Carlsen)

ORANGE COUNTY – Fall sports such as golf, volleyball, diving, swimming, bowling, cross country and football will finally be able to start practice around Orange County on Monday.

Orange County Public Schools says there is a plan in place to make sure everyone is safe.

One dad said he’s on board and described why fall sports in many ways for kids are important.

“I’m excited for all of the kids to return to the field, my son included,” said A.G. Waseem, whose son plays football at Wekiva High School. “He’s my baby.”

Waseem said he’s happy his son, a sophomore, can play football again Monday.

He said his son wants to play in college and he’s already being looked at by big schools.

“My son is fortunate because he’s a 2023 class, but for those kids who are 2021 who don’t have any offers or anything like that, it’s very important for them to get that film so they can get the opportunity to get that scholarship,” Waseem said.

However, junior varsity and freshman football teams are being placed on hold for now.

OCPS said all kids who are playing varsity football will have two options, which are learn from home or learn in school alongside teammates.

Wassem said for now he prefers online learning for his son.

“The football players have already been around each other, so I know what they do,” Wassem said. “They take their temps and do all that stuff, I don’t know what the other people do. So I was like no we need to stick with LauchEd.

“Once we get our arms around the first couple of competitions, we may very well expand who is actually in the stadium,” said OCPS Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins.

OCPS said marching bands, cheerleaders, and JROTC will not be in the stadium for the games, but parents and fans in the stands are being limited. The band for now will have to record their halftime show, if there is one, and they’ll play it during halftime.

All pep rallies for now are also virtual so kids at home can see it before games.

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